B R E N T   H O U S T O N
Brent grew up in the rolling mountains of the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas. After working as a carpenter for a time, he moved to Chicago, Illinois to study painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

An accomplished painter, Brent explores concepts through series of multiple works dealing with a specific idea. In the highway series, Brent explores the shifting idea of home and sense of place as his life in Arkansas became about the past. The fivepointfive series covers a range of subject under the constraints of five and a half inch square panels. The cube series is a group of three-dimensional sculptures which challenge perceptions of three-dimensional objects in space, using color theory to disorient the viewer. In the painting series, Brent took a break from painting, instead exploring the word painting as an object and also his owe relationship to painting. Currently Brent is working on a new series juxtaposing graphic decorative elements with both human made and organic landscapes.

In addition to his life as a fine-artist, Brent owns a custom frame shop called Hinge Gallery in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. Brent's background as an artist gives him a unique perspective. He sees framing as a creative collaboration. Hinge Gallery.